Sunday, 9 May 2010

Oil and Water

Came across this beautiful video recently, by environmental photographer, Ed Kashi, which I find powerful on many levels. The work (photography) is jaw dropping, and the concept/projects are a sharp much needed prod!! The almost humble delivery of narration is extremely powerful not so much an 'in your face' journalistic style, more of a 'here's the facts, now you decide what you want to do about it' which I find much more powerful!!!

Seeing him promote the handing down of knowledge and action and choice to the next generation by way of activism is a beautiful dimension, and one that fits in with previous discussions I have had about myth, and the whole area of narrative
and storytelling and lore! The exploitation of tradition and ch!!

I watched it a couple of times, I need to watch it more. What I particularly liked was the two projects being portrayed back to back, which serve to blast our misconceptions about 'Africa is all the same' by showing the Niger delta, so polluted and so overly industrialised, against the much more destructive (in my opinion) Madagascar version, where the people are *choosing* to cut down that pristine wilderness!!!

A commodity much more valuable than what they ultimately seek to trade!!!!

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