Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Building natural myths

While discussing living sustainably and other lifestyle choices available with a friend recently, we covered the much debated subject of how one is able to live sustainably using natural and alternative sources of energy - solar, wind, propane gas, water etc. Much of the press, and general opinion arise from the misguided viewpoint that alternative sources of energy are not advanced enough to support the average joe's lifestyle. In other words, that solar and other forms of natural energy are not at a level yet to sustain our lifestyles, and therefore shouldn't be adopted - just yet - until they are bigger and more affordable! Well, the news is, they *are* at a point of sustainability. They have been for a long while. What is debatable is the 'level' of lifestyle we are demanding of the energy source. What level of sustainability do we want to sustain?

Clearly, many individuals are living outside what is considered a sustainable lifestyle choice. Technology is advancing, yet we, the consumer, are advancing our expectations also. To slow this invent > out consume > re-invent > cycle of living, we may consider adjusting our lifestyles to meet the output of the currently available natural and alternative sources of power.

Solar myth : Solar panels are not large enough or affordable to meet our needs.
Yes, to meet our needs. So, our needs, and the planet, community, and environment might benefit from some change.

That doesnt necessarily mean building a tree house or other wholly natural buildings but it might mean learning about permaculture, getting educated about water saving devices, your power needs, community gardening, and so much more...

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