Thursday, 1 August 2013

Recycling galore!

Here are ten alternatives to using Freecycle, just in case you have the recycling bug!
MySkip: a celeb-backed swapping site with photos
Freegle: a new breakaway set of groups from ex-Freecycle UK moderators
vSkips: a healthy reuse site with a simple design and over 25,000 "virtual skips" the original clothes-swapping, or "swishing", site
Big Wardrobe: another clothes-swapping site that recently launched a national swapping "road show"
RecycleNow: an official government site that has a postcode service to locate your nearest recycling centre
Gumtree: popular for giveaways and classified sales. Fairly London-centric but very busy
Don't Dump That: forum-based reuse site along the lines of Freecycle
Seedy People: seed-swapping site for gardeners and allotment owners
LetsAllShare: Freecycle-style site with feedback ratings for users

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