Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Companion Planting App

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As a gardener with geek tendencies, I've been noticing for a while, the lack of really useful gardening apps out there. Apps that might cover such areas as crop rotation, companion planting, pest control, plant finder, or maybe even a plant guild database to refer to while standing in the yard looking out at all those half planned beds! The BBC have a virtual garden app on their site built in Director which is no longer maintained, but does have some nice features that might be worth exploring. One problem to overcome would be the sheer volume of information input required to keep the resource up to date, as well as contain enough content to make it both relevant and useful. One  great resource for plant types is Daves Garden - a rich site with a plant database built, maintained and updated by a community of gardeners from around the world. Another useful resource is this growing guide from heirloom organics! Further reading on Plant Guilds can be found here. And musings on Permaculture here.

This New York Times article comparing the top five gardening apps is an interesting read too!

Still pondering the potential and usefulness of this, and wondering about using openframeworks to build the thing!

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