Monday, 9 April 2012

Permaculture Webinar Series

While talking with a friend about the installation of a rain barrel at his home in Michigan, and his desire to design a rain garden, I got to thinking about how I might incorporate a rain garden at the property I am about to buy. So, with this in mind I started to research rain garden design and look into the processes and options available. Having already taken the first half of the Permaculture Design Course at Offshoots in the UK last year, I had a feeling that installing a rain garden might fall within the realms of Permaculture Design.

And sure enough, I stumbled across this inspiring webinar series by Bill & Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture. It offers a wonderful overview of the Foundations of Permaculture, with some real world examples of rain garden design in the 'Bill and Becky's Permaculture Raingardens + Yard' video (14). Not only is this a very inspiring series, it is entirely free!

The couple deliver courses and have a healthy Networking Site which has a wealth of information for and from, past and present students, to connect and facilitate knowledge transferral and growth within the Permaculture community.

Here is the full Webinar Series:  Intro to Permaculture 

1 - What is Permaculture
2 - The Currents State of Agriculture
3 - Topsoil
4 - The Productivity of a Ditch
5 - Peak Oil
6 - 2 Trillion Barrels of Oil
7 - The Power and Effects of Oil
8 - CO2 Levels and The Goals of Permaculture
9 - Where Will Energy Come From
10 - Ancient Sunlight
11 - Rural Permaculture
12 - The Industrial Egg vs The Permaculture Egg
13 - The Hydrological Cycles
14 - Bill and Becky's Permaculture Raingardens + Yard
15 - Suburban Permaculture
16 - Urban Permaculture
17 - Pavement Gardens, Buildings and Greenhouses
18 - The Goal of Permaculture

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